Do You Want a College Degree?

My upper half and I have professional education. My little girl has a professional education. My child has a higher education and is a school educator. In any case, I don’t think higher education is the main option for finding highly paid activities.

Many are confident in finding a lucrative job, you should be well educated. This is basically a mistake and not actively programmed. In fact, so many Americans now have underdeveloped progress. The numbers continue to grow, and in most cases, it takes individuals years to keep up with their progress.

The statistics are amazing!

Here is a statement from an article I recently read:

“You probably heard the insight: Americans have understudy advance debt of more than $ 1.45 trillion and are distributed to about 44 million borrowers, which is more than all US visa obligations. That’s more than $ 620 billion. In fact, a regular 2016 graduate’s class understudy obligation was $ 37,172, up 6% from a year ago. ”

A long time ago, while working on CBS Radio (which was nothing in my higher education), I spoke to various assistants who were currently in school. I generally asked them what their major was and what they would do after graduation. Tragically, I was persuaded by their answers that most of them should not enter school at any time.

The slogan “advanced education means decent and favorable employment” has placed a huge obligation on many individuals. Also, after graduation, so many people end up in a profession that is not the lucrative activity they thought they had. At that point, they have long been trying to take care of the school’s progress.

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Half a month ago, I heard on the radio that a man wasn’t well-educated, but he was generally earning a six-digit salary. He didn’t wear formal clothes and sat in a comfortable desk area in a luxurious and great business location. He was a lift repairman.

He revealed that some people in these luxury and notable business locations confused him with janitors or non-office professionals. It did not influence him on any other personal thoughts. He said that when he came home every night, he wasn’t worried about cash and had no school credit to repay.

There are 6 different professions that do not require advanced education. True, they include preparation, but the cost of preparation is a small amount of the education costs of a perennial school. What kind of occupation

  1. “The system supervisors and IT managers used by the organization have stable 9-5 employment, high salary rates, benefits, and retirement accounts. IT managers are paid 53,477 It ranges from $ 125 to $ 101,101.
  2. Depending on the city of residence, court journalists can win in the $ 29,995 to $ 104,000 range.
  3. The head of development wages ranges from $ 41,562 to $ 130,845.
  4. Fire boss wages range from $ 42,096 to $ 119,250.
  5. Air traffic controllers order huge salaries up to $ 158,966 for everything considered.
  6. Handyman salaries can be as high as $ 103,731 in the past, depending on strengths and preparation.

Radiation advisers need to have a two-year partner degree or evidence of radiation treatment but do not have to worry about four years of specialized education. Radiologists can raise as much as $ 116,000 a year. ”

Teach high school students!

I am not in any situation for being highly educated. It’s certainly a privilege and an important way for some, but not all. It’s very tragic to see millions of people telling their under-research obligations and haven’t yet raised the salary they were thinking of, considering their professional education.

God expects us to be familiar with our explanations. In the United States, Understudy’s advance debt is $ 1.4 trillion, and charge card debt is $ 760 billion. There seems to be a great lack of understanding of cash.

For non-high school options, high school students must be disclosed in detail. In addition, our youth really need sound data on Bible-based cash. We enthusiastically propose as a decent spot to start Roger Breaker’s book “Poverty vs. Wealth”.

Moreover, by chance that you are obligated, I also vigorously propose numerous devices offered by Dave Ramsey, including the University of Financial Peace.

I used to be in the red, but fortunately, except for my mortgage, I have no obligation. Everyone underwater knows it is not an opportunity. It’s oppressive. Examining cash and money and applying sound Bible standards can bring enormous financial and intellectual benefits.

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